Please allow me the last time so call you, because at the moment, I will not bother you again, I will learn to forget you, and then restart your life! 


The greatest happiness in this Business Cloud Email life is to know you, and the largest misfortune is can't have you, please remember, I have deeply in love with you! 


Unfortunately failed to walk through together in a week istick 30w, during the period of 312 days, we had a happy, also had a quarrel, and even the willful proposed break up 2 times, the last of the last failed to together. Actually very want to say, those who hurt you, dear John, are not my intention! Each time break up, you are want to retain, think you more care about me, love me some more, I whether very silly? Is my impulsive! I'm sorry, break your heart! 


Scene of the first meeting or, when we are silly, you gave me honey, just call me back. I just want to at that time, the person is really not polite. Just don't know from then on, you have impressed deeply in my mind. Be my in the mind is very important. There are many for the first time Hong Kong Travel deals... For the first time you teach me how to ride a bicycle, you beside running, too tired to full head big sweat... For the first time to go for a walk hand in hand with you... And you go out to play for the first time, Chinese valentine's day for the first time you send me a gift... The movie for the first time can't distinguish north and south, east and west, for the first time... I will not forget in my life! You gave me an umbrella (it's a pity that I lost), lovely cup, watches, handbags, heaters. Brown sugar, and the package, each time to take out big aunt I will make tea to drink, feel warm and happy, I will be a good collection, the package, you said you want to use ten years, I want to say I'll use all my life! With him every day, just like small blat accompanied me! 


Remember the last time the weather is very cold in the evening I call you come out to play, you drive a motorcycle, you take off your jacket let me wear, their frozen shivering, I really touched! Really want to sit behind you so tightly hold you, snuggle in your side until forever... Actually small blat how good to me, I have in mind!