Now she is accepted by everyone for her good performance. We are family. she says " I do not have an opportunity to take high eudcation due to poor childhood PolyU continues to impart the knowledge and skills of our future leaders to serve an evolving world and to spur economic growth. With the structural transformation of the global economy from industrial to service economies, the society’s expectations of future leaders have been remarkably changed, just graduated from a middle school. What I have to do is to put all my efforts on the job and even feel not tedious."

Don' underestimate the cleaning lady. Those who are from less developed villages knows what hardship is Nasonex. A clean office is an efficient work place. The sanitation lady in our workplace is also hardworking. She has three daughters at school depending on her income. She is entitled to public assistance money which is equal to her salary, but she prefers to work and earn her own money. No matter what job it is, hard work and reliability always have good results. She joins us for teatime every day.

In this morning, one of my colleagues told to me that I look like I didn’t wake up. I smiled and said: yeah, maybe my eyes didn’t wake up, but my brain is awake.

Maybe the weather changes derma 21, it seems that I am in low spirits, I’ve been yawning from time to time all the day, and my eyes leak when I yawn. But for the job, I did it very well today, and I did not feel tired.

The weather becomes cool now, take care, everybody here.