Fruit refers to the fruit of the edible plant fruit, which is the sweet and sour taste. Fruit is not only rich in nutrition, but also can help digestion, therefore has been loved by many people. A lot of people think that the fruit has a lot of benefits, so the cold, stomach pain, cough, and so on small problems appear like to eat more fruit, think they can help restore, but is it true?

Fruit eating wrong can aggravate the disease

Colds and coughs, many people habitually give patients pears; If the stomach hurts, many people also like to eat fruit. But in the eyes of TCM experts, this is not necessarily true.

An eight-zero beauty, because of the normal work pressure and irregular food, so the stomach is not good, easy to be hungry, and often belching. So she prepared a lot of fruit in the office, and by morning and afternoon, she could not only replenish energy but also nourish her stomach. She felt great! But the truth is, her stomach seems to be more uncomfortable, always feeling "a fire has been going up" in the body, and the pharynx is badly blocked, even with a tone of voice. Results in the hospital, it was found that the typical gastroesophageal reflux had been treated with esophageal erosion.

The doctor says this is typical "the worse you get, the worse you get." Some stomach acid patients have a lot of acid, if you eat fruit, you may add back to the flow, but the result will hurt the esophagus and bring more discomfort. Besides, there is a lot of cold in the fruit, but many stomach and stomachache patients should eat less cold and cold, not only cold drinks, cold dishes should eat less, but those cold fruit should not eat more.

In addition, eating fruit for coughs can sometimes "add insult to injury". Because cold cough, cough, cough also points that many parents have cough diet, it is very good for hot cough, but does not suit the for cold cough, even aggravate, rather than ginger soup is effective.

Cough is not only the matter of the lung, the five organs can cause, such as heart failure can cause cough, kidney disease edema can also, the throat discomfort, the gastroesophageal reflux can cause cough. However, the cough in the lungs tends to carry purulent sputum, which is caused by inflammation in the lungs, while other viscera cough is mainly dry cough. And eating fruit is not symptomatic of many cough sufferers.

Don't eat a lot of fruit

1, watermelon

Watermelon sex taste is cool, fan hot and thirsty, the heart is hot, can eat watermelon appropriately to relieve heat of heat; But eating more is bad for your health. This is because, from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, watermelon is cold, excessive consumption is easy to cause stomach cold, abdominal distension, gastrointestinal digestion and other undesirable symptoms. In addition, watermelon contains extremely rich in sugar, eat watermelon, will consume large amounts of sugar, excess sugar substances become fat accumulate in the body, make body fluids acid environment, affect human body health, but also affects a balanced diet, reduce the intake of protein, minerals, that cause nutritional imbalance. Therefore, watermelon should not eat more.

2, litchi

Litchi is a special fruit in the south of China. It is delicious and delicious. However, lychee should not eat more, or you may have lychee disease. Because most of the litchi contained monosaccharide were fructose, fructose after being absorbed by the body must be approved by a series of enzyme catalysis, can be turned into glucose for energy or converted into glycogen storage, oxidation by tissue cells. If you eat too many lychees at one time and eat too much fructose, your blood sugar, which is the concentration of glucose in your blood, can lower your blood sugar levels than normal. Therefore, litchi disease is a low blood sugar caused by acute disease, characterized by early morning, often with sweat, cold limbs, weakness, abdominal pain and laxation early symptoms, then all of a sudden convulsions and coma. If not treated, can die within a few hours. Especially children, should pay attention not to eat more, otherwise will seriously affect health.

3, banana

Bananas are a delicious fruit, so some people eat a lot of bananas at once. I don't know, it's very bad for my health. Bananas contain more magnesium, potassium and other elements, although these minerals are necessary to human body health but if in a short time, eating too much at once, it will cause a sharp increase in the content of magnesium, potassium in the blood caused by potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other elements of the imbalance, cause harm to health. In addition, eating more bananas will also cause gastrointestinal disorders and mood swings due to a significant decrease in gastric acid secretion. Therefore, bananas should not be overeaten.

4, apple,

Apple is very popular among people because it is sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition, convenient to eat and can cure many diseases. But eating too much or eating too much of it can lead to a lot of problems. This is because, the apple contains a lot of sugar and potassium, each hectogram apple contains 100 milligrams of potassium, and only 14 mg of sodium, potassium and sodium ratio is too wide, eating too much is bad for the heart, kidney health. In particular, patients with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, nephritis, and diabetes aggravate the burden of the heart and kidneys, which is not conducive to health. Therefore, apple should not eat too much, the average consumption is 1-2 daily.