I thought that love can be from the subtleties of life permeated slowly, until the bottom of the heart.
Remember when young, I used to look up at the blue sky without a flaw, the in the mind constantly silently pray for god, let god help me to grow up quickly, so I wouldn't be in there are so many bound bound himself, and the side there must be a man will be like a father silent waiting for me, give me warm. That time I feel this is the most wonderful thing in the world, most is worth me to go to the vision. But, I slowly grew up, when I make out a few years later, to the place when looking up at the sky, looked up again, only to find that grew up to the sky, is always gloomy, without the original blue, and the roof of the side is still empty, at the same time, the in the mind depressed with infinite sadness. I want to show a big smile to the sky, but the efforts along while corners of the mouth is still a serious straight line.
Don't know who are the charm the said to me, I insist, don't give up easily, only in this way his heart will slowly towards you. So I believe it is still waiting for you at his side, looked at him and how to love her, how she love him like their abandonment. I thought, I wouldn't care about. Facts have proven that I am just a common can no longer common people become a great man of love. Because of my jealousy, resentment, unwilling.
Heart slowly began to frequent pain and every pain let me couldn't go to the wall, so pain, so, I don't know how to make it no longer pain, only to throw himself again and again in alcohol, attempt to use alcohol to paralysis, my heart pain, I thought that I won't hurt, no feeling, but, every time is not drunk, people from drunk. The days I forget how long, only know that I need show up during that period.
I thought, I can not be turned away, but forget, this world who left who can still survive.
Finalizing it is specially written for us end, give up all the pain and don't give up just a monologue, only I a person in the play, madly in love.